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The Problem With Plastic

Have you ever wondered how plastic ends up in our oceans?

Step 1

As a society we have come to depend on plastic in many aspects of our lives

It’s cheap and it’s flexible. It keeps our food fresh, our clothes elastic, and our cosmetics in place.
Step 2

But current methods of recycling and waste management can’t keep up with the amount of plastic generated

Once it has done its job, plastic either gets burned, dumped or piled onto landfills, from where it eventually makes its way to the oceans.
Step 3

There is growing demand for collecting recyclable plastic, like plastic bottles, because they can be turned into new products, and so have a value

Non-recyclables accumulate because there is no economy or incentivization to motivate collection.
Step 4

80% of the waste that ends up in the ocean is non-recyclable

When it finally ends up in the ocean, more than 90% sinks to depths where it can never be recovered.
Step 5

Non-recyclable plastics have no value and therefore are not collected

Creating incentives and an economy for collecting non-recyclable plastic — while working toward reducing non-recyclable production at the source - is the fastest, most effective, and sustainable solution for protecting our oceans
Step 6

We’re building a technology platform and community committed to the recovery of ocean bound non-recyclable plastic

We find the best methods for treating plastic in the region where it’s collected. Non-recyclables are turned into alternative fuel.
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