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Start your positive impact journey today

Innovation in sustainable packaging is critical, but will take time. Our solution works today, so you can have an immediate impact.
Reason 2

Tell your sustainability story with confidence

Communicate your impact with real-time collection updates and promote your commitment with the CleanHub Trustmark.
Reason 3

Upgrade your value proposition

Products that are doing more for a healthy planet, are better products - attract & retain customers that care.
Reason 4

Strengthen your brand position

Purpose-led brands, are successful brands. Sustainability-marketed products grow 7.1X faster than conventional products.

Words from our brand partners

Moritz Hintze, CEO


Moritz Hintze, CEO

“Environmental protection is the #1 priority for our customers. They’ve responded extremely well to our partnership with Cleanhub. We’ve been able to improve our return on ad spend and our order sizes have gone up. It feels great knowing the more we sell, the greater an impact we’re having.”

Iris Braun, Founder


Iris Braun, Founder

“Passionate, committed, and knowledgeable. I trust Cleanhub to offer an important solution for the crisis of plastic pollution. Cleanhub was an obvious choice because they use the best recovery and tracking methods”

Isabelle Bock, Head of Marketing


Isabelle Bock, Head of Marketing

“Our products are already plastic-free. But that's not enough: We want to be part of the change and actively free the planet from plastic pollution. Our customers support our mission. We are beyond grateful.”

Attract your conscious consumers

Learn how we can help you increase customer engagement, protect the oceans, and make your brand plastic neutral.


Capturing the conscious consumer

A plastic-neutrality playbook for brands growing with purpose
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