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Our mission is to end plastic pollution. For clean oceans.

We’re building a collective solution to the plastic problem.

Where it started

A love of the ocean led Joel & Florin to start CleanHub. As passionate travellers and surfers, they witnessed first-hand the heartbreaking reality of plastic pollution. It was everywhere.

Disheartened, but motivated, they resolved to dedicate their working lives to keeping plastic out of the sea. Many thought it impossible, doubting that they could make a difference.

Fast forward to today, we’ve collected over 6,000,000 kgs of plastic waste and partnered with more than 300 brands, helping them reduce plastic and collect more than they use. 

Yes, there is still a long way to go. But our commitment to ending plastic pollution is stronger than ever.

Our Theory of Change

We all work here at CleanHub because we want to make the world a better place. Put simply, we want to make sure that no plastic ends up in our oceans. 

But the world is not a simple place. The global system of plastic manufacture, consumption, and waste management is pretty complicated. 

So whilst we often use (important) statements of intent like #forcleanoceans we also want to be completely transparent about how we plan to bring this about. We call this our Theory of Change.

What we value

Maximise impact

We focus on non-recyclables because they make up 80% of all ocean plastic.

Empower communities

We believe that waste management needs to be solved locally and in the appropriate cultural context. We want to make sure that the local communities have the means for the solution.

Reduce & recover

We believe plastic reduction and plastic collection must happen together - there are no silver bullets.

Do no harm

We choose recovery methods with the lowest environmental impact possible - and are always open to explore alternatives.

Set high standards

We only select partners that operate ethically and safely.

Meet the team

If you're interested in joining the CleanHub team you can check our openings here or send your application to [email protected].

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