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Every person generates 114 kg of plastic waste a year

Balance out your plastic footprint by funding the collection of plastic waste in highly polluted coastal regions around the world.

*Average figure for EU OECD countries.

That's 6570 plastic bottles...

...or 6570 white tees

...or 6750 takeaway boxes

...or 6750 cigarette butts

We've collected 9,529,204 kg of waste

This is approximately equivalent to:

3189 t

greenhouse gas emissions (ghg equivalent) saved

1.6 billion

grocery bags (6g)


car tyres (9.5 kg)


blue whales (180,000kg)

With your help, this is just the beginning.

Last updated: May 2024

Why take action on plastic waste?

It's polluting our oceans

Between 11-14 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year, most of it because it is not properly managed.

Very little gets recycled

Only 9% of plastic waste globally gets recycled. Half of the world's waste is sent to landfill and 1/5 is mismanaged.

It's impacting our climate

Open burning of waste generates the equivalent of 2–10% of global CO2Eq emissions.

Source: Our World in Data, Plastic Pollution (2022)

We've collected 9,000,000 kg of waste

This is approximately equivalent to:

2733 t

greenhouse gas emissions (ghg equivalent) saved

1.5 billion

grocery bags (6g)


car tyres (9.5 kg)


blue whales (180,000kg)

Take action on plastic pollution for as little as £10 / month.

Your support will make a difference

With your monthly contribution, you will be:


Help stop plastic pollution

Give back to the planet by offsetting your annual plastic footprint.


Build up communities

Your support means communities can secure better livelihoods, with safe jobs and fair wages.


Fund trash tracking tech

We use AI technology to advance plastic recovery and ensure efforts are fully transparent and openly impactful.

Help us stop trash in its tracks

As seen in:

Support sustainable brands

When you buy from CleanHub partners you're voting with your wallet and supporting plastic recovery where it's needed the most.

See us in action

Check out these videos about our operations on-the-ground. For more plastic waste content, follow us on Instagram

Ready to start taking action for a cleaner planet?


Recyclable goods are sold for local recycling. Non-recyclables are sent for co-processing. Co-processing refers to the simultaneous recycling of mineral materials and recovery of energy in the process of cement manufacturing and achieves a superior environmental performance as compared to landfill and incineration. For co-processing recovery we partner with Geocycle. To learn more, read our blog - What happens to the collected waste

Recovering plastic from the environment involves three distinct operations. Firstly the collection of the plastic, secondly the sorting of plastic into its unique types and thirdly the safe and final treatment. We digitize the recovery of ocean bound plastic from start to finish. Our Hubs use our technology to track the full collection process, which means we can verify every piece of plastic that is collected and what happens to it after we take care of it.

Our trash-tracking technology provides real-time evidence of your brand’s impact. So you can share your efforts, with full transparency.

The audit trail of collected plastic being registered, sorted and responsibly disposed provides the digital evidence for every kg of plastic that did not end up in our oceans. We verify true impact and take measures against externalities and fraud. CleanHub is the first plastic credit system verified by TÜV SÜD under the ISO 14064-3 standard setting a new benchmark for transparency and rigor within the plastic credit market.

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