Take action on plastic pollution with every transaction

With CleanHub’s API Integration, you can plug in plastic recovery today and collect 1kgs or 1lbs for every product or service sold.


Our API integration guarantees seamless impact reporting, to save you time and money, and keeps you up to date about your plastic recovery progress. So you can tell your impact story throughout the customer journey.


Grow your impact with every product sold

Give customers a reason to choose your brand with our one-for-one model and the promise of genuine impact with every purchase.


Boost cart conversions

Show off positive action in every purchase with our impact trackers. Make a bigger difference together by offering plastic recovery at checkout.


Drive conversion across the funnel

Integrate your brand’s environmental story into acquisition campaigns, your website, checkout and beyond.


Provide an end-to-end sustainable shopping experience

Keep shoppers coming back for more by letting them know that plastic has been collected for their purchase and offering repeat purchase discounts.


Increase customer lifetime value

Tell your sustainability story beyond checkout (and encourage repeat business) with follow-up content sharing the impact each purchase has made.


Automated reporting with our easy-to-implement API

Don't worry about accurate order impact tracking, we do that for you with our API. We even reduce for cancelled orders and report back once the plastic is collected.

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