Collection Hubs

We are building a global network of local Collection Hubs in high impact locations to facilitate the collection and safe processing of non-recyclable plastic.

Our Collection Partners

The Process

Step 1

Your order is registered

Your order volume is passed on to our Collection Hubs. Our collection efforts are targeted at regions with the greatest risk of mismanaged plastic waste entering our oceans.
Step 2

Collection & Sorting

Waste collection varies according to location. It can be door-to-door, or directly from beaches or rivers. The waste is then taken to sorting facilities where it is processed.
Step 3

Tracking & Traceability

Our Hubs use our technology to track-and-trace the full collection process. So we can verify every piece of plastic collected and where it ends up.
Step 4

What happens next?

Recyclable goods are sold for local recycling. Non-recyclables are sent for co-processing. Hubs are paid on volumes, opening up new revenue streams and incentives.
How We Pick Our Collection Hubs

How We Pick Our Collection Hubs

We have a thorough vetting process when it comes to choosing the suppliers that we work with. Our local staff regularly visit the sites, and we use our market position to enforce better working conditions for local workers.

We have designed our own code of conduct with the help of industry veteran Kate Larsen. The code is based on global labor standards (among others Fair Labor Association, Ethical Trade Initiative, SA8000). All of our collection hubs are audited against this standard after a successful pilot

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